Monday, January 24, 2005


A WINTER WHODUNNIT?, our Winter reading program, has started. Participants have until March 21 to read three books featuring:
A Nosey Amateur (like Miss Marple)
A Hard-Boiled Private Detective (like Phillip Marlowe)
A No-Nonsense Police Detective (like Abe Leiberman)
Those who complete the three books will earn a "Junior Detective Badge" and be eligible for a final prize drawing.

Appropriate books are on display and booklists are available, as well.

Sign-up is at the Adult Services Reference Desk.

Youth Services will have a Winter Reading Program as well, starting on February 5 and running through March 25. This is co-sponsored by the Chicago Wolves hockey team and all the prizes are Wolves' products (t-shirts, hats, stuffed animals, etc.). Paricipants read a certain amount of TIME to earn raffle tickets for the prizes.

A special raffle and incentive prize will be available to all who sign up on the first day, February 5. On Tuesday, February 22, from 7-8 p.m., Wolves player, Cory Larose, will be at the library to speak, show how the uniform is put on (usually it is put on an audience child volunteer), and sign autographs.